Is What You Have Enough?

Back in 2018. I wrote a post concerning the little no-name boy mentioned in John chapter 6 who brought to Jesus 5 barley loaves and two small fishes. The title of the post was “Is Your Bread Good Enough?” Today, I would like to use that same text and ask you a much simpler question, “Is What You Have Enough?”

John 6:9, says, “There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes: but what are they among so many?” Now, from a worldly perspective, there is no possible way that you could have fed that great multitude with just 5 barley loaves and two small fishes. In fact, it wouldn’t even come close.

So picture this with me now, here is that Little Boy – he’s heard Jesus Preach, he’s seen Jesus perform miracles – and now here he stands before Jesus with 5 Barley Loaves and 2 small fishes, and he is probably saying to himself, “There’s no way He can feed all these people with the little I have to bring Him.”

So let me ask you again, is what he brought to Jesus enough? Well, as long as he held it in his hands – if would never come close to being enough!

Let’s consider here what he had.  The Bible says he had 5 Barley Loaves of Bread.  Now Barley loaves are not like a loaf of bread in our day, this was more like a biscuit.  So, in my simple way of thinking, I can picture here 5 buttermilk biscuits.

But he also had what the Bible says are “two small fishes.”  So, when I think of two small fishes, I am not picturing in my mind two big ole Carolina Catfish here – I am picturing more like two sardines.

It’s a little Boys Lunch.  He’s got 5 barley loaves and two small fishes.  Now is that enough to feed this multitude? NOT as long as he held it in his hand. In fact, not only would it not meet the needs of that multitude, it wouldn’t even meet his own needs for very long.

My son Josh is in his 30’s now, but I’m telling you, when he was a boy – he could swallow 5 biscuits and 2 sardines in one breath – and that would’ve just been an appetizer!

WAS IT ENOUGH???  Not while it was in his hands! It wouldn’t even come close. But I’m so glad the Bible says he gave it to Jesus.  He put it in Jesus Hands and he took his hands off. 

So, here is Jesus, He is now holding the 5 barley loaves and the two small fishes, so let me ask you this:  Is it NOW enough to feed this multitude? Well, let me answer you: 


We know the rest of the story, how Jesus took that Little Boys Lunch, He blessed it and broke it and gave it to his disciples and told them to sit the people on the ground in groups and begin passing it out to the multitudes. And the Bible says that as the disciples passed out enough food that they did not just eat – but they ate until they were FULL. And then Jesus tells them, “Now go around and pick up what’s left-over.”

Folks, listen, when their hands were on it, they didn’t even have enough to feed that little boy for long, and NOW, since Jesus touched it – they’ve feed everyone until they were full and have plenty of left-overs as well.  In fact, they had 12 baskets full – one for each of the 12 disciples!

You see, when that Little Boy put his lunch in Jesus hands, the AMOUNT no long mattered.  It wouldn’t have mattered how many there were in that crowd.

As soon as he put it in Jesus’ hands and took his hands off, it IMMEDIATELY became MORE THAN ENOUGH to meet the needs of the multitude.

If we could ever get a hold of this fact, if we could get our hands off of our lives, our talents, our abilities, and even our programs, there would be no limits to the needs that could be met.

So let me finish by asking you this, is what you have enough? Well, as long as you are in control and holding onto it, it will never be enough. But, if you put all that you have in the hands of Jesus, it is not only enough – but it is more than enough!

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